Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Chick House Dimensions

Chicken Coop Building

If you are planning your chick house, there are some parts you must bear in mind to properly estimate chick coop dimensions. You must project first how many chicks you are planning to raise at one time and in the near future. This is crucial to prevent your chicks from being jam-packed. When the chicks are jammed together in a space, they can spread illnesses at a faster rate as it is not usually sanitary. With enough of space, you will have more chances of success with satisfying the needs of the chicks and chickens. Hence, the dimensions are important. See the Efrontiers Everyday magazine for more details to the importance of these dimensions.

You will need to require including an area for the incubation if you plan on producing more chicks. This must be an isolated space from the area with the baby and older chicks. You might need to have a distinct door for the incubator room as well. This way, you do not interrupt the other chicks when you are observing the hatching phase. Furthermore, this space should be large enough to cover the equipment with space to move around easily.

You will also need to take into account a run for the older chicks. If the chicks are small yet, they will have down feathers while waiting for the growth of full feather. At age of six to eight weeks old, they will likely develop these full feathers and you can let the older chicks out into the run. They would love to stay outdoors and have some fresh air. The run must be adequate in space for the number of chicks you are projecting every hatching cycle.

After a few months, the chicks can then be moved to the adult coop or sold. This will leave another room for the next batch of hatchlings. After you have finalized the correct chick coop dimensions, you can start out building your chick coop and be assured that your chicks will be comfortable inside once it is finished.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chicken Coop Building Instructions

For those who are searching online to build a chicken coop, yet don't know where to get started, you can simply buy chicken coop instruction manuals for a small fee. These chicken coop instructions will grant you complete details you will need in order to build a chicken coop. Some websites may provide you with free chicken coop instructions but they can be hard to find.

When searching for the chicken coop instructions, make a point you opt for the instructions that you can readily visualize. There are sets of instructions which may be more technical. When you are the type who do not usually build something or have never built anything before, you might find these simplified instructions effective with your work for a smoother process. On the other hand, when you are well versed in the technical instructions, then by all means, you can use those chicken coop instructions.

Ensure the chicken coop instructions come with a complete list of materials and tools you will need to complete the coop project. Most of the time, you will want some standard materials such as chicken wire, treated wood to prevent wood rot, nails, and some screws. New items may be needed as well depending on the complexity of the chicken coop construction. Tools ordinarily used include a hammer, screw driver, and a saw for cutting wood and other important tools. A shovel can also be required so you can bury the chicken wire to make the chicken run safer from predatory animals like dogs.

If your chicken coop instructions did not come with an overall material list and tools, you can always write down the items or tools mentioned in the process to form your list of tools and materials. It is very important that you totally read the chicken coop instructions before you even start out the actual building. This will make sure that you can finish the project without having to experience a lot of mistakes that will cost you more in your project. Thus, the detailed instruction manual can be a good investment. It is crucial to have a good plan in mind and get some help from someone who can assist you on the tougher parts of the project.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Three Simple Reminders with Chicken Coop Construction Planning

Chicken Coop Designs

If you want to build a chicken coop, you must specify a chicken coop construction plan to set the project in details. During the planning pert, you would require to recognize three simple reminders before you set out the construction.

First, you require settling with the number of chickens you can accommodate. This will determine the dimensions of your chicken house. When you are working on chicken coops construction plans, knowing the size of a coop is critical. It is imperative that your chickens have adequate room as this is important to their health. Make sure they can move around without being crowded.

The second reminder is the final location where your chicken coop will be placed. If the chicken coop will be open to your neighborhood, you should ascertain that it is pleasing to the eyes. A poorly constructed coop will just be an eyesore for the neighborhood. If you are coming up with a plan that will be pleasing to the eye and still operational, you can search a lot of choice models online and simply get ideas from them.

Make a point to sustain the coop clean if you have chickens existing in it already. The best manner to do this is to provide a floor that is on an angle towards the coop’s door. This is the third reminder which probably needs some explanation. This can actually go against some construction plans out there stating that the floors must be level. If you have the floors slanted towards the door, you will be able to hose down with ease the manure because the natural gravity is helping the cleanup process. After resolving the dimensions, the area, and the cleanup process, you would then want to initiate the actual chicken coop construction.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Chick Coop Project Requirements

When you are having a chick coop project, there are a lot of requirements you must retain in mind before starting construction. You will need to recognize first off, how many chicks you specify of raising at one time. Your chick coop requirements should take plenty of room for the chicks. The ample spaces will them to roam around for the first two months of their lives while indoors. They will not be going outside until the full feathers show. If you have your chicks crammed together in a tight place, they will be prone to sickness.

Another significant chick coop requirement is that the coop should be maintained with the warm and dry conditions. You must provide insulation for your chick coop. Furthermore, ascertain that the wood you use is water repellant so that there is no soaking of the wood. This will likewise ensure that wood rot has no probability to kick in because it can contribute to the spread of diseases.

You must also make sure you have a couple of windows in the coop. This will let plenty of sunlight so that the sun’s warmth will keep the chick coop warm and dry. You will also want the windows to open in the hot summer months to get the gentle wind blowing through the chicken house. When designing your chick coop, make sure you use only good quality insulation to secure the comfortable temperature all year round.

Another important aspect to your chick coop is the run. After the chicks have shown their full feathers, you will wish to let them outdoors to the run area. Before you move these chicks to the main chicken coop, the run will serve as their place outdoors. Keeping these tips in mind, you will be on track on having a great chick coop.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Materials Needed for Constructing Your Own Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Designs and Chicken Coop Materials

Constructing your own chicken coop doesn't need much of your resources and effort when it comes to the materials. But there are essentials you have to understand to produce an effective and easy to maintain chicken coop. Here are the materials you will need.


You will need to have some wood to construct a chicken house and this is likely one of the most important chicken coop materials you will employ. Just make sure if you purchase your wood, it should be treated to become water repellant. If not, purchase a water sealer and treat the wood following the manufacturers’ instructions. This is significant to keep the chickens dry. Dampness of the coop will induce disease to spread among your chickens at a fast rate. A treated wood will prevent this.

Chicken Wire

Another essential chicken coop material is the chicken wire. You might need quite a bit of this depending on the number of chickens you project to keep. You will use the chicken wire to make the chicken run and you need to have enough. This is to plant it in the ground at least eight inches deep to spare your chickens from predatory animals. Cats and dogs like to crawl underneath the chicken wire to take at your chickens. Burying the chicken wire will make it unattainable for them to do such. In addition, make sure you place your chicken wire high enough so that these animals will not be able to mount over and get at your chickens above.


You want to have some windows installed that will protect your chickens from the storm. It must also be insulated which will let a nice gentle wind to blow through inside the coop. It must, at the same time, able to shut out the cold winds in the winter. A window will likewise secure the chickens’ comfort and health during the hot summer time.


Some people do not give much importance to insulation as any form of chicken house materials. In fact, chickens want to be kept warm in the cooler months. By bearing the extra step of bringing some quality insulation, you give the chickens the special protection they require to protect themselves from diseases when the temperature is cooler than usual.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Design Specific for Chick House

Determining chick house designs online can be rather intimidating. This is because they will give you information on how to make a chicken house design but not the design specific for chick house or coop. It is better to plainly take a chicken house design and integrate it into the demands of your chicks.

Use plans meant for small chickens’ coop and alter them to turn into chick house design. The demands of the chicks are for them to be kept completely warm and dry when they are still holding their down feathers at about six to eight weeks. Due to the softness of their down feathers, they are not protected well. The down feathers do not repel water the way the adult feathers resist it. Thus your chick house should keep your chicks dry. In addition, it should allow for natural sunlight to shine to keep the low moisture levels in the chicken house.

After the six to eight weeks, the chicks have come into full feathers. At this stage, they will want a small run. The run will serve as a place where they can scratch for feeds like as if they were already mature. Furthermore, this run must be safe from predators.

More importantly, the chick house design should specify that it is made sure that the chick house is convenient and simple to clean. It is a main requirement that you should retain the chick house clean and dry all the time. Making easy clean up will profit both the chick and the individual delegated to keep the chick house clean and sanitary. On the other hand, with a good way of cleaning up the manure, you can preserve these for fertilizer to a vegetable garden.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Planning to Construct a Chicken House?

If you are planning to construct a chicken house for your place, you will require getting a sound chicken house plans to get started. You can go to the internet for help where you will learn some sites that are written for to this topic.

Some households are going back to past methods for them to as a way of saving money. By bringing a chicken house near their land, these chickens will offer fresh eggs and poultry and will, in the end, economize their expenses on food.

A couple of points you must know before employing any chicken house plans is to make it sure that the chicken house plans can easily be followed. If you are looking at them over your computer, take a good look to fully understand it. You cannot be confident to construct your own chicken house with chicken house plans that are not sensible enough.

You should also make a point that your chicken house plans have a total listing of materials necessary for the project. Make a point you read over the whole set of chicken house plans before jumping ahead so that if there is a material that is named at the later part of the plan, you will be conscious of it.

When you have your chicken house plans, ascertain they are complete with no steps have been omitted before you start out construction on your chicken house. It is always significant to do all of your planning before ever getting the project simply to insure everything is ready to go when you set out construction.

In the end, your chicken house plan must not cost more than the actual building of the chicken house. The reason for making a chicken house is typically to save money and spending a good sum on chicken house plans is not cost effective. On the contrary, there are some sites online that even propose free chicken house plans.

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